Countries Where Online Gambling is Legal

Where Online Gambling is Legal?

Areas that Allow Online Gambling

Many people will come across online gambling advertisements while on the internet. However, it is worth noting that not all countries have legalized gambling. Before a person tries out his luck with these casino games, they should first understand the security and legalization issues. With the popularity of online casinos in recent times, many users ignore the terms and conditions part. It is important always to read the rules and legalization policies of these casinos.

The European Countries Where Online Gambling Is Legal

Most European countries have legalized gambling; they include France, Germany, Spanish gambling, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Malta, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Portugal, Denmark, and Norway.

Is Online Casino Legal in Australia and New Zealand?

In New Zealand, online betting websites based and regulated by the country are legal. All other sites based overseas are banned and deemed illegal in New Zealand. Australia falls in the category of countries where online gambling is legal; gambling in various forms has become one of Australians’ favorite pastimes. Most of Australia’s casino industry laws are pretty liberal.

Which Asian Countries Allow Casino Games? 

Gambling online is legal in Japan, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines. Countries such as China, Macao, Singapore, and Thailand allow gambling in part. States of Goa and Sikkim in India have banned gambling; this is also the case in the UAE, Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

Can User Gamble In Africa Legaly?

Kenya, South Africa, and Mauritius allow online gambling while Algeria, Cape Verde, Morocco, and Ivory Coast allow it to a certain extent. Many other countries in Africa have banned online betting.

Is Online Gambling Legal In America?

Online betting in the US is heavily practiced, while in Canada some regions allow gambling while others deem it illegal. Countries such as El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, and Honduras allow online betting. In Mexico, it is allowed to some extent, whereas in Cuba, it is banned. There has been legalization in Peru, Argentina, and Panama, but countries such as Uruguay, Brazil and Chile allow some online betting, but it is banned on papers. Ecuador has banned any gambling. But Colombia allowed casinos these days!


It is best to check the legality of online gambling before trying it out. These laws are dynamic and change from time to time.
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